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Local library is an organisational unit of the Township office, and it is located in the rear section of Sokol building. Apart from books and magazines the library offers public Internet workstation, and a colour copier (up to A4 format).


Místní lidová knihovna, 561 81 Kunvald 40
e-mail: knihovnakunvald@orlicko.cz

Office hours:

Tuesday from 17:00 to 19:00, Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m..
It is possible to contact the librarian and arrange individual admission in exceptional cases.

Services provided:

  1) Rental of books and magazines

  • The rental period is 1 month – afterwards it is necessary to return the books or magazines, or notify the librarian of prolongation, maximum 3 months.
  • Currently rented books and magazines can be reserved with the librarian.

  2) Public Internet and computer workstation

  • The installed computer can be used to connect to the Internet, or for work with Microsoft Office 2000 software, without Internet connection.
  • PC user is obliged to present a valid membership or other ID card.
  • Users work independently.
  • Users are allowed to use only the defined software. It is not allowed to upload any own files to the hard disk, or install applications downloaded from the Internet.
  • The users can take the information and files gathered on the Internet with them on floppy disks.
  • Only the memory media purchased in the library can be used to protect the PC against viruses.
  • The library does not bear any responsibility for the content of files downloaded from the Internet, namely if it contains viruses.
  • Visitors younger 18 are not allowed to visit websites with erotic or pornographic content.
  • Visitors can book time on the PC in advance with the librarian.
  • All visitors of the library are obliged to follow the librarian’s instructions. In the event of breach of operating rules the offending visitor can be ordered out, which does not exempt the person from the obligation to pay the fee.