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Municipal authority structure

Township Government

ing. Josef Paďour

+420 604 518 740

ing. Jana Trejtnarová

+420 724 524 314

Alena Morávková

+420 465 619 160

Municipal board

Members of the Board of Kunvald Township, elected on 5 and 6 October 2018:

Party ballot no. 1 “KDU-ČSL”

1. Marta Gregušová
2. Alena Foglová

Party ballot no. 2 “PRO KUNVALD”

1. Josef Paďour
2. Matouš Paďour
3. Petra Zářecká
4. Jana Trejtnarová
5. Josef Vágner
6. Roman Vagner
7. Daniela Bolečková

Party ballot no. 3 “KUNVALD 21”

1. Jan Pokálený

Party ballot no. 4 “SVĚŽÍ VÁNEK Z HOR”

1. Roman Rusz

At the Board foundation meeting on 1. 11. 2018 Josef Paďour was elected the mayor, nad Jana Trejtnarová the vice-mayor.

The Board meets regularly, every 2nd Thursday of calendar month. The venue ant time of the meeting are published on posters, website and noticeboards.

Motions, petitions and other initiatives can be submitted to the Board in writing, via the Kunvald Township Office, or in person, directly to individual Board members.

Financial Committee

  • Chairman Matouš Paďour

  • Members: Josef Vágner, Kateřina Trejtnarová

Control Committee

  • Chairman Marta Gregušová

  • Members: Jaroslava Tomanová, Marie Křenová