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Sports Ground

I. General provisions

  • Kunvald township is the owner and operator of the sports ground (fenced off artificial surface), located within the sports premises “pod Kampeličkou”.
  • The ground (fenced off artificial surface) was built and can be used for the purpose of: tennis, volleyball, basketball, football tennis and floorball.
  • The operator is not responsible for possible injuries arising from, and related to the activities of users and visitors of the Sports ground – all the games and sports are at one’s own risk.
  • No obligations, undertakings or performance shall arise from possible injuries.
  • Kunvald Township has appointed a caretaker of the Sports ground (Art. III of the Rules).
  • Anybody who paid the prescribed fee according to the pricelist (Art. VI hereof) and follows the caretaker’s instructions can use the ground.
  • Children younger 15 must be accompanied by persons older 18 years of age.
  • It is allowed to enter the ground only in sports shoes without sharp cleats, with sole that does not leave dark marks or smudges.
  • Any offences against these Rules will be solved by the operator (Kunvald Township), always in cooperation with the caretaker.
  • Kunvald Elementary School can use the Sports ground for physical exercise lessons and activities of its sport clubs free of charge. Pupils shall always be accompanied by a teacher, or by an assigned group leader. The operator and the caretaker will receive from the headmaster exact timetable of the elementary school’s sport lessons. Any changes thereto shall be notified before the lesson takes place.

II. Obligations of the users of the sports ground.

  • The users are obliged to follow these Rules, and the caretaker’s instructions.
  • At the caretaker’s request the users are obliged to present a valid ID (personal ID, driving licence, passport) to verify the identity, especially for the purpose of inspection of the validity of annual ticket.
  • The users are obliged to refrain from any activity that could cause damage to the surface, equipment and furnishings of the ground, namely: to bring glass containers, to smoke, to consume alcohol, or enter the ground under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.
  • In the event of any damage to the surface, equipment or furnishings of the ground the users are obliged to report the same immediately to the caretaker, who in turn shall write a record stating date, time and description of the damage with the user. The record shall be signed by both the caretaker and the user, and serve as a supporting document in case of damage claim. Should the user who caused the damage refuse to sign such a record, the caretaker shall ask another witness, or call for an authorized representative of the operator.

III. Caretaker

  • The operator (Kunvald Township) shall appoint the sports ground caretaker on the basis of the Board’s resolution.
  • The caretaker is authorized by the operator to collect fees paid for the use of the sports ground (further Art. VI hereof), and sell tickets. The caretaker shall always issue a valid accounting document.
  • The caretaker is entitled to order out or prevent entry of persons who do not perform the obligations of users defined in Art. II hereof.

IV. Supervision

  • The mayor, vice-mayor and building committee chairperson are authorized to supervise the observance of these Rules.
  • The mayor, vice-mayor, accountant and financial committee chairperson are authorized to check the correctness of fee collection.

V. Service hours.

It is necessary to agree with the caretaker every time when a user wants to enter the ground. The service hours defined here only outline the maximum utilisation of the sports ground. The ground can be used for the so-called “summer sports”, and in autumn and spring only if there is no snow cover.

Caretaker: Jiří Trejtnar, Na Salaši beer house, phone: +420 605 924 055.

Service hours:

September – October, April – June

Monday – Friday

12.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.


Saturday – Sunday

10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

July to August

Monday – Sunday

9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Any changes to the service hours shall be agreed with the caretaker.

VI. Pricelist

  • Tennis and other sports up to 4 participants – price per hour: CZK 60
  • Annual ticket CZK 2,000 (1 holder + max. 3 co-participants)
  • Collective sports: volleyball, basketball, foot tennis, floorball (more than 4) price per hour: CZK 90
  • Lighting: price per hour: CZK 40

Sports gear rental:

  • Team sport balls: CZK 10 per piece
  • Tennis balls – set: CZK 10
  • Tennis racket: CZK 10 per piece

Playing time always starts at the top of the hour: change is possible only in agreement with the caretaker.
In the event of lighting the corresponding amount shall be added to the price of use of the ground according to the pricelist (with the exception of skating, when aliquot part of the lighting cost is included in the total price).

These Rules of operation were approved by the Board of Kunvald Township on 13. 7. 2006, and is valid from 1. 1. 2007 until further notice, or approval of new Rules..